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Dennis Skelton


I was born in Logansport, Indiana where I first cultivated my interest in art. I attended Indiana State University in 1967 where I majored in Fine Arts but soon changed majors to Geology receiving a BS in Geology, MS in Earth Science, and A PhD in Physical Geography.. I have been teaching Earth Science and developing computer software in remote sensing for the past 38 years. In 2002, I began re-cultivating my interest in art with an emphasis in Photography which began back in 1967. Most of my work was with 35 mm SLR cameras, but in 2004 converted to all digital.

     I view my photographic work through what I call “The Mind’s Eye”. I noticed in earlier work that what I thought I saw was nothing like what was reproduced in printed form. I soon realized that the reason for this difference was because a person’s view of natural beauty is influenced by the person’s emotional energy at the time. “What we see in our mind is not what the film or digital sensor records”. Through hours of interpretation, I attempt to print on paper what my mind's eye once saw.


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